"You know, it’s no good crying for help if you’re sitting in the room all on your own, and only saying it to yourself. All of us I’m sure from time to time have formed sentences in our minds that we would like to say to someone else but we don’t say it, you know, well, that’s no use, that doesn’t help anybody, that’s just a game that you’re playing with yourself."

- A 1979 Interview with Roger Waters and Tommy Vance, transcribed by Jeremy Crampton


Beluga Whales in Canada by David Doubilet


Feeling good on a Wednesday,
The image of me that you see is distorted, twisted, broken, fractured, isolated miles out to sea
I don’t want a separate place,
I need to feel safe not thrown away away away away
And I will push (push) to tear down the walls,
(Push Push)
Of this box you put me in
(Push Push)
Push ow hot, push ow hot
(Push Push)
To find a label that fits me
I’m feeling good on a Wednesday with the sparkling thoughts
Help me unload the car ya ya ya
And so I push to close the door
Of the stall you’ve made for me to keep me away
And now we push, push to stand together
Because I am Lorde
Ya Ya Ya 
Ya Ya Ya I am Lorde,
I am Lorde Ya Ya Ya 
Ya Ya Ya I am Lorde
Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya
I am Lorde
Ya Ya Ya

A little Lorde’s parody from South Park, sung by Sia & Randy Marsh :’D
just kiddin’…

SouthPark nails it again


High Tatras, Poland | Jiri Novotny


Floating Island - by: Jure Batagelj

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Frozen Tudu Lake in Estonia : Daniil Harik